We Offer More than Just one  Babysitting service

Subscription Services: 

Subscription services are for the families that want the same babysitter guaranteed and can schedule one month in advance or even further out. Subscription services includes additional duties to assist parents with some of their other homelife responsibilities: 

  • Meal prep for the family 
  • Pack and organize lunches for school the next day
  • Assist children in cleaning their rooms
  • Time permitting laundry
  • Dishes for the day
  • Keeping children organized and on task with chores
  • Transportation to and from school with babysitting (extra-curricular activities transportation not included)
  • Feeding the children
  • All babysitters have experience and have attended college
  • All babysitters have been CPR and First Aid Certified either presently or have been in the past 5 years

    Subscription Pricing

On-Call Babysitting available for our on-call families we offer on-call babysitting:

For professionals that have on-call positions, such as medical professionals, etc, or your child is showing signs of sickness and may not be able to go to school the next day, you can reserve a babysitter for "just in case" scenarios for a 4-hour fee plus any hours that the babysitter actually does work. If the babysitter doesn't work but is on-call you will be charged the 4-hour minimum based on our rates of service.

Permanent Placement:

We do provide permanent placement and charge 15% of the estimated yearly salary of a nanny (based on a salary no less than $19.00/hr).

  • Monthly payment options are available if you would like to hire someone permanently.
  • Or a retainer fee of $250/month and you will be charged just the hourly rate paid to the babysitter.

End of year statements for taxes $30

Beginning 2018 end of year statements for childcare expenses a charge of $30 will be assessed for every end of year statement request.

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