5 Things Babysitters Don't Tell

Posted by Jaidene Anderlini on Feb 13, 2018 5:01:00 PM
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You've left your children in the care of a babysitter you love and trust, and you head out the door to dinner or a movie. When you come home the babysitter tells you everything went fine, the house looks fine, and in good order. But, babysitters will inevitably bend the rules a bit to compensate issues that may arise when babysitting children.

Don't panic. Just hearing that a babysitter isn't telling you things can cause concern but let's face it you and I both know that babysitters don't tell you some things. The 5 top things babysitters don't tell you are:

  1. They had snacks at a time that wasn't approved i.e. right before bed or after dinner. Sometimes kids are exceptionally good at manipulating and when you love children (as most babysitters do) and when it's a snack item that has been approved by parents then sometimes it's hard to say no. You know it and I know it.
  2. Bedtime story time went a little long. The kids were supposed to be in bed and asleep no later than 8:30pm. Oh no, it took longer to brush teeth, wash faces, and one extra story was read so they went to sleep more like 8:45 or 9:00 pm. Heck, there were some kids I babysat that we'd be in bed on time but then they needed me to lay down with them and then they would need to talk. These kids were amazingly bright; we would have discussions about Jesus and Santa and what the differences were (tricky topic to maneuver). Kids can be very engaging and you want to be there for them. Of course, after the 10th glass of water you should know you're being manipulated.
  3. Denver babysitters may take your children for a walk or bike ride before or after dinner. Kids need exercise and as a very active state babysitters may actually take the kids for a walk or bike ride. We love being outside in Colorado
  4. Ok, ok screen time is a huge no, no. We all know it but, let's face it, when things are chaotic, dinner needs to be made, energy levels need to be reduced etc and TV or tablets enable some time to calm things down a bit. You use it (maybe not) and your babysitter will use it briefly too. Screen time gives all of us a break from each other, and your babysitter will use it too. If they are using it to babysit then THAT is a huge problem, and if absolutely no screen time is a rule then screen time should never be used. If some screen time is allowed babysitters will use it at times to calm children down if situations get chaotic. We all wish babysitters were magical but they aren't that much different then parents, and they need to get time to get organized while making dinner, getting stuff for a new activity, etc.
  5. Nap time went longer than normal or they won't wake children up from their naps. I know I have a hard time waking kids up from naps. I don't like waking kids up because I feel that they need the nap, and the length they sleep. I normally keep kids physically active when I babysit so if I wake them up earlier than when they wake up naturally they're usually pretty cranky. Don't get me wrong, I realize that sleep schedules are important, but that is something I struggle with, and I know a lot of other babysitters do too.

Now you know babysitters' dirty little secrets. I hope that these "do not tells" make you feel less insecure leaving your kids. All-in-all babysitters will try to adhere to rules and routines that families have set in place, however, there are times when rules and routines are broken.

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