Should Babysitters Be Drivers Too?

Posted by Jaidene Anderlini on Mar 13, 2018 4:18:08 PM
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Babysitting responsibilities have changed so much in the last decade that most babysitters aren't babysitters at all but taxi drivers. Picking up children from school and driving them all over town to various after school activities, events, play dates, etc.

With this change that babysitters are required to take children to various activities do you think it is reasonable that families should provide a car for this, and if not...need to reimburse travel? I'm personally on the fence about this. Being a babysitting agency I struggle a lot with pricing, and trying to make child care affordable, while still having a lucrative business. Child care is so expensive anymore if you want babysitters that are quality, flexible, loyal, on time, and dependable you do have to pay for it otherwise you're getting high school kids (nothing wrong with that) that can frequently flake out last minute.

As I contemplate babysitting now, and the way it was when I was young the driving part has become more and more significant, and a given in many cases. I actually have a client that needs someone to pick their girls up from school on Mondays, drive them to gymnastics, and simply drop them off. It takes less than 2 hours but I charge the minimum of 2 hours and no extra fee for traveling due to this. On the other hand I have families that need their children picked up from school, one child taken to soccer, another to Scouts, and yet another to swimming. It's crazy! Rush hour in Denver starts at 3pm if not sooner and goes to at least 6pm every week day so babysitters have to contend with the irritation of that, trying to get the kids to where they are going on time, whisking kids from here to there, plus the added wear and tear on their personal vehicles, and storing car seats in their cars that they don't need normally.

Yes, they are getting paid an hourly rate but they used to get paid an hourly rate when they didn't have to drive the kids from here to there, and everywhere. What's fair? As I've personally been out taking kids everywhere I'm starting to believe that yes, I should be compensated for the wear and tear on my car plus the inconvenience of being in rush hour traffic, and having to keep car seats in my car when my car is a compact and I don't have any room left in my own car for my stuff (groceries when I go grocery shopping).

I guess, stay tuned until the decision has been made. In the meantime feel free to give me feedback;

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