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Not Your ordinary Date Night: 7 extraordinary date ideas

Posted by Jaidene Anderlini on Sep 20, 2019 5:52:00 AM

Date night shmate night everyone says you need a date night. Do you really? I mean being married and parents can be pretty boring, and then you know you need to make some time to get away from the kids to reconnect but if you go to one more movie and dinner or WORSE a fundraiser for the school your kids go to you'll slit your wrists! You'd rather not have a date night at all; thank you very much. It's more of a bother then it is a pleasure. Am I right? Just one more thing you have to plan; UGH!

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Do your children think money grows on trees?

Posted by Jaidene Anderlini on Jul 12, 2019 5:33:00 AM

We live in an age where parents want to give more to their children than their parents did. This phenomenon has been going on for generations, and now we have children that simply have to ask for something and they get it. We are teaching our children that all they need to do to get what they want is just ask. I want a new nerf gun, I want a new iPad, I want a new Lego set, I want a new doll, I want a car, I want..... Is your response to this; "of course, here you go." OR do you talk to them about the cost of things, teach them to save for things, be patient in order to get some of the things they want especially the more expensive items? Do your children have an allowance? If they do, do they spend it all at once? Do they want to go to the Dollar Store, and spend it even though they want something that is more expensive? Do you give them guidance on their spending, and let them know that they can have the small items from Dollar Store OR they can save their allowance and get the latest Star Wars Lego set?

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Just a babysitter?

Posted by Jaidene Anderlini on May 17, 2019 5:32:00 AM

The other day I was watching crap TV, "Hot Bench" and one of the cases was about a caregiver and one of the judges said: "sorry to say this but you're just a babysitter". I was offended simply put. Why does that term "just a babysitter" make me hot? Well, as a babysitter you are in charge of a life....a LIFE! That doesn't constitute a "just" title. I believe that if you want quality childcare you need to treat and expect babysitters to be professional. As an owner of a babysitting agency I treat all of my babysitting team as professionals, and I expect them to represent my company in a professional way. 

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Children, money and competition

Posted by Jaidene Anderlini on May 3, 2019 6:14:00 AM

In my lifetime I've seen so much change in the way money is viewed by children, as well as competition shared within adult and child minds. I don't think the changes have been healthy for our children. I'm actually not sure myself about healthy attitudes about money; but I do think the example of parents in how they treat money, and competition is what will have the most impact on your children.

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Should Babysitters Be Drivers Too?

Posted by Jaidene Anderlini on Mar 13, 2018 4:18:08 PM
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5 Gifts for Your Babysitters

Posted by Jaidene Anderlini on Dec 11, 2017 7:33:34 AM


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