Trusted Childcare Is it Attainable?

Posted by Jaidene Anderlini on Jan 23, 2018 11:20:00 AM
Babysitters in Denver

When you have children, and you need to find the right childcare for them I'm sure that all you can think of are the horror stories you've heard about babysitters, and childcare providers abusing children or neglecting them. Heck, even parents have been in the news for horrific acts against children. There is so much fear when leaving your children with "strangers" even people you've met, and decided to trust your children with has got to be full of fear and anxiety. kids-baking-1-941065-edited

Babysitting agencies can help but you need to make sure that the agency understands how you feel, and provides a service that is invested in you and your children. An agency that is personally involved in the well-being of your children and does the best that they can to find, vet, and qualify every babysitter that they have as part of their team. As the owner of Babysitters In a Pinch I am still very active in babysitting for families if they need it thus knowing individual family needs. I can't always go out into the field but I go out at least once a week to stay in touch with children and families. I am familiar with the changing needs of families, and with the childcare environment because I am still very much hands on. I keep tabs on my team of babysitters to know how they are handling all the different families we serve, and most importantly, I ask for feedback from families about our service and how we can improve it.

I want Babysitters In a Pinch to be the best babysitting agency in Denver, and the surrounding area, and I need feedback both good and bad. I can't do better if I don't know what problems may arise with individual babysitters and families. I am passionate about what I do, and I'm not just giving lip service. I don't hire every applicant that thinks they would be a good babysitter nor do I serve every family. I want families to be at ease and know that they can trust every babysitter from Babysitters In a Pinch. I know, it's impossible but it is my goal.

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