Safer at home nanny share 

Summer is coming and considering the Coronavirus there may be no summer camps for children. These programs have been lifesavers for families during the summer so what options will families have if summer camps are not available?

After a lot of thought and trying to come up with some kind of answer for Denver families Babysitters In a Pinch may have an option for you. We are offering “Safer at Home Nanny Share” program that might be helpful if families are open to sharing a babysitter or a nanny with other families that need help during this time. Babysitters In a Pinch will offer:

  • Activities related to interests of children and ages.
  • Monthly Kiwi crates per family based on the ages of the kids; a $20 value (not per child per family).
  • Plenty of outdoor time if parents allow in their yard or a park close by.
  • Ability to take up to 5 children in similar age ranges.
  • Ability to take 3 babies (babies need more attention so we can’t take 5 of them with one babysitter also their age group will not be included in the Kiwi Crate offer).
  • Pricing could be as low as $12.00/hr per family starting with 2 children and based on the number of children our babysitters will oversee at one time.

We will need a host home for families to share and we can do a rotation of homes if families would like to have that for their children. All babysitters will have masks for themselves and will keep children clean, wipe down bathrooms after use of child, ensure hands are clean for them and the children.

To qualify for this program all families will need to be members of the Babysitters In a Pinch community which means they will need to sign up with our service and pay the $99.99 one time sign up fee and fill out our application. Also, we will need a list of sports and other activities the children are interested in so that we can ensure activities are customized for your children.

We know this is a difficult time for families, and we really want to help anyway that we can by providing a service that can replicate camps as much as possible and provide childcare for your children that is safe, clean, affordable and customized to your children needs.

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